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2 Oceans Maritime Academy is an RYA-recognised training centre with a full range of sailing courses to choose from.

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What people say

Sean, Sonja and the rest of the team at 2OMA have given me an experience that I will never forget; along with the skills and confidence to push my yachting career further.

Dean Cole Yachtmaster Ocean C.O.C

The Offshore program was an experience of a lifetime. I learned so much about sailing from having no previous sailing experience to a fully confident sailor. I would recommend anyone to do 2 Oceans’s offshore program if they’re interested in following a career in the maritime industry or just for an incredible adventure.

Frans RYA Yyachtmaster Costal

2 Oceans is the perfect sailing school. They go above and beyond to professionally assist you and make your sailing dreams come true. I did many courses with them and had a great time. Their classrooms have a great view of mountains and the ocean and their boats are of the highest quality. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to start a sailing career.

Rico Viviers RYA Yachtmaster Offshore

I highly recommend 2 Oceans Sailing Academy. The combination of the high level of land based theory and practical sailing instruction, coupled with their instructors personal mentorship was inspirational and humbling ~ teaching attentiveness, anticipation, resourcefulness, patience and prioritisation which are core ideals for a career in sailing.

Brigitte Van Aswegen RYA Day Skipper

The Yachtmaster Offshore programme at 2 Oceans is challenging and has a steep learning curve but it is the adventure of a lifetime. You won't find a better place to learn offshore sailing.

Jan H RYA Day Skipper

At 2 Oceans not only did I learn how to sail, but it made me gain a lot of confidence in the process!

Zamaya Witzhuizen RYA Day Skipper

Thanks guys for a great course last year with some awesome experiences. Regards from Miami.

JJ Pretorius Yachtmaster Ocean C.O.C

Years later I’m still thankful to the whole team at 2 Ocean Maritime Academy for what they taught me during my Yachtmaster course. Great instructors, good companions, honest people with one goal in mind: prepare new generations of sailors. They have shown me how to handle tough situations and rough seas, to love and respect the sea and the rules that governs it, how to be safe and how to have fun sailing.

Mario Raimondi Yachtmaster Ocean C.O.C

I spent a lot of time with 2 Oceans Maritime Academy doing my skippers tickets and completing an Odyssey trip to Rio De Janeiro and back, every moment with them was one huge explosion of excitement and adventure. I learnt so much which has helped me get to where I am today.”

Jason Jordaan Yachtmaster Ocean C.O.C

Having lived nowhere near the ocean I arrived at 2 Ocean Maritime Academy with absolutely zero sailing experience. The 2 OMA team made me feel so welcome and in the months to come gave me all the tools I needed to successfully complete my Yachtmaster Ocean. The time spent with 2OMA was one of the best experiences of my life, and the friendships made are very dear to me. The whole experience with 2OMA helped me on my way and now I am a Base Manager in the Seychelles.

Jaco Janse Van Rensburg Yachtmaster Ocean C.O.C

In 2021 I booked my Zero to Hero program with 2 Oceans. I was a bit stressed since I’m Middle Eastern and not used to travelling, so had many questions and concerns which were all answered and handled well. Meeting Sonja it was a relief to see that not only professional behind the screen but also in real life. Sean is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors with his easy way of teaching theory. I move to the beautiful yachts and met the amazing Marlon - a fun, knowledgeable and really experienced instructor where I fell in love with sailing and started my career. I would always recommend 2 Oceans.

Mo Abdelkader Yachtmaster Ocean C.O.C