2023 Odyssey

Our 2023 Odyssey kicked off on the 23rd of January with a crew of 10 getting ready to do the Atlantic Crossing to Rio and back. This year we have a real global crew with 10 sailors from far and wide: Two South Africans, a Kenyan, one Columbian, one Swiss, one American, two English, and two from France.

They’ve almost wrapped up the first part of training and will start prepping for their voyage soon. Meanwhile, they’ve bonded well and are taking full advantage of the gorgeous Cape Town summer by hiking, climbing and doing some beer and rooftop bar quality control. 

Next is preparing a menu for the crossing, including an easy bread recipe which Ryan (our American foodie) is excited about. The crew will victual “Ocean Sunrise” with dry goods for the entire 2 month voyage, and supplement with fresh food when they stop on St Helena and in Rio.