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RYA Sailing School South Africa
Pre-requisites: Coastal skipper: 20 Days aboard, 800 miles logged, 12 night hours, ICASA Radio licence, First Aid Certificate. If a Coastal Skipper Course Completion Certificate held, only 400 miles required.


Yachtmaster offshore: 50 Days aboard, 5 days as skipper, 2500 miles logged, 5 passages of over 60 miles including 2 overnight and 2 as skipper. ICASA Radio licence and a valid First Aid Certificate.
Duration: 5 Days plus 2 exam days
Qualify For: Certificate of Competence
Course Outline
2 Oceans Maritime Academy takes great pride in ensuring that each and every one of their candidates is fully prepared and confident to complete the RYA/MCA practical exams. With an early appraisal of a candidate’s current performance and knowledge base, the instructor will then structure the week to address any areas of potential weakness. The focus of this 5-day course is to ensure that candidates are able to successfully complete what an examiner would expect of various demonstrations of skippering techniques.

Concentrated time is spent on MOB drills, boat handling under sail and power and commanding a yacht on passages during the day and at night. Other subjects include passage planning and weather, preparation and safety at sea, maintenance, navigation, pilotage and thorough knowledge of the international Collision Regulations.

At the end of each day candidates can expect a debrief on that day’s training from the instructor. At the end of the week, another feedback session ensures that candidates know how to approach the exam in a relaxed and confident manner.