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RYA Sailing School South Africa
The Odyssey Adventure
Pre-requisites: None
Duration: 5 Months
Modules / Certificates:
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  • R150,00.00
  • Break down of course costs

    2 Oceans Maritime Academy R150 000.00
    RYA Exam fees + -£466.00 (payable directly to the RYA in the UK) 
    STCW 10 R 8 700.00 (payable directly on day 1 of course latest)
    Accommodation during STCW 10 + -R980.00 (payable directly to Backpackers and only if accommodation is needed)
    MCA ENG 1 MEDICAL + - R1 800.00
    + food during theory courses and weekends off + - R4800.00 (this is a rough estimate each candidate will be either less or more)
    This popular 5 Month course is offered all year round and is the start of your Yachting Career.
    Contact us for more information and booking. +27 21 790 2442

    Please note:  STCW is not included in the course fee
Course Outline
At the 2 Oceans Maritime Academy we have specifically designed this course so that obtaining the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competence becomes a highly achievable goal.

When it comes to sailing nothing can substitute experience. Which is why this comprehensive course ensures that each and every learner experiences varied conditions, sea states and weather first hand along the South African Coastline and more importantly offshore while completing Ocean passages. This is so that he or she can develop their skills via very credible open water experiences.

At 2 Oceans Maritime Academy we don't just want our students to pass their Certificates of Competence, we want them to learn how to sail - and sail well. Their future wellbeing and enjoyment depends on the safety knowledge and skippering experience gained throughout this premium course. It is important that each and every student graduates from 2 Oceans Maritime Academy primarily as a competent yachtsman and secondly as qualified skippers.

The course is structured to suit novices and experienced sailors alike. Levels of competence will be dramatically raised for those with previous experience while novices will find the course structured to allow them sufficient time to assimilate all the information and develop as natural sailors, with sufficient confidence and experience to sit the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore and RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean Certifcate Of Competence.