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RYA Sailing School South Africa

The team on board

Passionate, experienced, dedicated and downright salt-of-the-sea people, the instructors at 2 Oceans Maritime Academy sailing school add a variety of knowledge and skills to the mix. This means that our graduates not only leave the Academy with all the relevant theory that they need, but with invaluable practical know-how too.

Sean Cumming:  The Principal | Director
about seanSean Cumming is an RYA certified Sail and Power Yachtmaster Instructor / Examiner.  He is also a qualified teacher and has over 12 years worth of experience in instruction, racing and working in the industry professionally. Sean is fully involved in all aspects of training at 2 Oceans Maritime Academy ensuring standards match the industries highest. This determination is then passed onto his staff, instructors and students.

David Savage:
about davidDavid is a prime example of how sailing really opens up the world of travel. He has over 50 000 nautical miles (accumulated in the past four years of his professional sailing career) under his sailor’s belt, which includes five Atlantic Ocean crossings and a Pacific and Indian Ocean crossing respectively. He has also sailed in and across the East and South China Sea, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean not to mention dropping anchor in various ports on five continents and countless islands. And naturally no crossing would be complete without sailing through some of the busiest waterways in the world, including the Panama Canal, the Straits of Gibraltar, the Singapore Straits, the Straits of Malacca and the Taiwan Straits. What floats his boat? Dave is a passionate man of the ocean and for him – teaching is his way of sharing his experiences, life lessons and love of the sea with others.